3D interactive experience

Does 3D interactive experience require any specific software or hardware to run?

No, 3D interactive experience can be deployed on any device, smartphones, tablets, laptops or PCs and works across operating systems. Also, it can be both online and offline.
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    • What is a 3D interactive experience?

      Unlike videos and static content, a 3D interactive experience gives a user complete freedom to explore a three-dimensional object. A user can rotate, spin, zoom and interact with various views of that object hence creating greater engagement ...
    • How is 3D interactive experience different from Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality?

      3D Interactive experience are focused more on interactivity and can be deployed on a laptop, tablet or a smartphone. A VR based training module is focused more on the immersive aspects taking into account various environmental elements mimicking the ...
    • What are the other use cases of 3D interactive interface?

      Along with product showcase, the similar interface can be used to develop immersive training modules for equipment handling, process, compliance, soft skills etc. We have deployed various interactive training applications across manufacturing, ...
    • What is Augmented Reality?

      Augmented Reality (AR) refers to superimposing computer generated graphic content on to a user’s field of view of the real world by using camera on the smartphone or a tablet. An AR experience can significantly enhance overall product experience with ...
    • How do you create the virtual replica of our equipment? What all you do need from us to do this?

      We require Video and/or images of equipment for reference. For further accuracy and to reduce costs, 3D models or 2D drawings of equipment available in non-CAD or CAD format is highly desirable.